Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

PERT Chart EXPERT is a Windows-based project management software application that is used to create PERT charts (also known as Network Charts, Precedence Diagrams and Logic Diagrams). A PERT chart displays the tasks in a project along with the dependencies between these tasks. Using a PERT chart is a great way to define and display the dependency relationships that exist between tasks. The order in which tasks occur is an important part of project planning and PERT Chart EXPERT simplifies the process of creating dependencies and displaying dependencies in an easy to follow diagram.

PERT Chart EXPERT can be used with Microsoft Project

  • PERT Chart EXPERT can be installed directly into Microsoft Project to generate charts of existing Microsoft plans. Simply open a project file in Microsoft Project, click the PERT Chart EXPERT toolbar button and a PERT chart is automatically created.
  • The interface between Microsoft Project and PERT Chart EXPERT is completely seamless and bi-directional. When you create a PERT chart of an existing Microsoft Project plan, all changes made in the PERT chart are immediately reflected in the Microsoft Project plan. This means that you can add, delete and modify tasks plus create, delete and modify dependencies in your Microsoft Project plan using PERT Chart EXPERT.
  • In addition, charts can be created first in PERT Chart EXPERT and then transferred directly to Microsoft Project. When a PERT chart is transferred to Microsoft Project, all of the task, resource and dependency data entered into the PERT chart is automatically transferred to Microsoft Project where additional scheduling can be performed. You can then continue to switch back and forth between Microsoft Project and PERT Chart EXPERT as needed.
PERT Chart Expert
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