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STRUCTNET Construction Project Hosting

Construction Project Hosting is the process of storing construction project documents including plans, specifications, schedules, photographs, and other pertainant documents in secure files so thay may be accessed by authorized project participants during the life of that project.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Reduces duplication and mailing efforts
[Bullet] Improves sense of security for all project participants
[Bullet] Reduces costs


Plan the System
Analyze the project, recommend solutions and Plan the hosting system. Furnish specifications for the implementation of the system.
Train the Participants
Train all of the project participants including the Developer's Group, Design Group, General Contractors Group, Subcontractors and Suppliers to utilize the system
Recommend hardware and software solutions to specific chalanges.
Some project participants may need assistance in finding hardware, software, and access to the Internet. We can provide all of those services and recommendations.
Implement the plan
Furnish all hardware, software and personel necessary to implement and maintain the plan during the life of the project.

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