Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

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What does AzTech do?

We help program teams manage complex programs.

Before Contract Award:

  • Hoping to build an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) or Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) for during the RFP/RFQ phase? We can help you create an IMP that communicates your key events, significant accomplishments, & accomplishment criteria. The IMP forms the foundation for the IMS, which we can also help build or assess during the pre-award phase. [Note: AzTech works with government throughout this essential step during source selection assessments & with industry to help deliver the best response.]

At Program Kick-Off:

  • Hoping to get a new project started on the right track? We can help you build an Integrated Master Plan/Schedule (IMP/IMS) architecture—or even help you build the schedule.

During Program Execution:

  • Conducting a Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA)? We can support the entire process, conduct the SRA (including team training, data gathering, Monte-Carlo simulations, & analysis), & help the team implement corrective actions.
  • Upcoming Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) for a major milestone or program phase? We can help your program team prepare for & successfully complete this essential review.
  • Implementing an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) for the first time in your organization? We can help your team implement a world-class EVMS.
  • Getting ready to undergo a DCMA Joint Surveillance Review (JSR) or other major program assessment? We can help identify & mitigate process, data, or training issues; help with interview preparation; & respond to corrective actions.

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