Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

Scheduling for construction projects is different than Manufacturing. The Structnet's system of "Structured scheduling" has been highly developed to produce a comprehensive product for all stack holders in the project.

A multi story building is engineered from the top floor down. The floor below has to support all of the floors above it. This includes the structural mass, the supplied utilities and the waste material. Thus the bottom floor has to support the sum of mass & utilities above it. Furthermore most multi story buildings are scheduled in phases; Core then tenant improvements.

A simple one or two story building or house

A construction project is rarely built in modules like manufacturing yet it dose happen. More often if built from the ground up and from the outside in.

  • Site work
    • On site work
    • Off site work
    • On site building pad
    • On site outside of building pad
      • Asphalt paving truck area
      • Asphalt paving car parking area
      • Concrete landscape Curves
      • Landscape area
      • Hard scape car parking area
      • Hard scape truck area
      • Storm drain
      • Fire sprinkler service
      • Domestic water service
      • Parking area lighting
      • Car parking stripe and bumper
      • Gas service
      • Sewer service
      • Industrial waste clarifier
      • Concrete flow lines
      • Site grading
      • Hard scape truck area
  • Building core and shell
    • Top floor machinery building
    • Second floor
      • Rest HVAC
      • Rough fire protection
      • Rough domestic water
      • Rough electrical
      • Fireproofing
      • Steel floor decking
      • Concrete floors
      • Rough domestic sewer
      • Elevator and exit for
        • Drywall and steel studs
        • Insulation
        • Electrical
        • Elevator core
        • Elevator door
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