Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

Many of today's software and hardware programs use Agile techniques to complete the software portion of the system.  Although some think that Agile and Waterfall techniques are at odds, they are not.  Agile techniques can be scheduled just like any hardware program using linear scheduling techniques provided by the Structured Scheduling Framework.  They can be considered a product just like any other piece of hardware.  Agile techniques of using scrums of equal length in the development of the software is still a valid method of developing the software.  It allows the software development group to communicate with customers, and other programmers to more clearly understand how their portion of the software relates to other software developers and when hardware is involved, how it relates to that hardware.

Software is an important part of programs today. Todays simple LED flashlight uses microprocessors to aid longevity & brightness. If your building a radar system, software is going to be a strong portion of your program. We have worked with Waterfall & Agile scheduling techniques. We determined they have many similarities. I like to describe Agile as liner scheduling with a short cycle time. Structured Scheduling is ready to implement software with the rest of a schedule.

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