Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

Structnet's "Structured Scheduling" has a foundation of 41 processes & milestones for every product in the schedule. These processes can be changed to meet the business requirements of your company. Yet they must be the same at every level for the system and all of it's underlying products and components in order to maintain a consistent vertical integration.

Graphically Enhanced Product Breakdown Structurte (PBS).

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Looking at this map of your production process from design develop assemble integrate test & ship will be easily referenced. Everyone in the company will better relate their roll in the schedule.

your product & process will be easily located throughout the schedule due to our consistent, repeatable, reliable links woven into the schedule. We design our schedule to work with zero constraints. "Structnet schedules" revel the critical path no matter ware it occurs. you will function & find the critical path reliably throughout the schedule.

you will know ware to find your job specific schedule data, & it's location. WBS#s are applied at this point. All documentation from this point on can be accessed no matter what stake holder position you hold. Weather you are an Engineer, Purchase dept, Upper Management, Scheduler. You will easily relate to that data you wish. Our structure is developed from an architectural perspective. Everyone on the project team has equal opportunity to the data they need to develop.

Structnet 41 Process Elements

    Consistent Set of Processes at every level that add value to the products over time.

    Our schedule has the foundation of being "product based". And all product & process have a network of vertical & horizontal links woven throughout. Your schedule flows with life! your job description here will find and work with the data you need, when you needed it. Your company will love working with our schedules from this day forth. No longer will the schedule be an artifact stuffed into the end of the proposal package. We provide you a schedule that will cultivate into a proposal based on your work package history. On time & budget for your proposal lives though to the design-develop phase on to production test & ship. Structnet, accurate and accountable schedules for your company & program.

Your work package history will blossom, program after program. Your work package history will bloom into accurate proposal, project & programs performing on time & budget. Working with harmony throughout the company. Structnet schedules provide clarity to all stake holders of the program. Structnet schedules are modular. Wen subcontractor sub-schedules are prepared from the Master Schedule; they flow like a river into the future. Time & budget data from every product you produce today. Will be straight forward to input & scale to your next proposal. Newly developed product will be reaped in future harvest. It is Structnet's "Structured Scheduling" will have your company humming along.

When the product and processes are woven together to create a Structured Schedule, it crates an IMP/IMS schedule that is 100% vertically and horizontally integrated following the parent / child relationship described in the PBS.  It can be used in many different ways. It can be used to build an aircraft or to plan and schedule a corporate initiative.  If it can be put into a hierarchy and a defined set of processes, then it can be used effectively. Using collaborative techniques to build the PBS and the Process Organization will help the program create a comprehensive plan early in the program.  Teaching the team about Making Tost before ever starting the planning process will lead to all of the team understanding the plan and implementing it more effectively.

Structnet has created a Mind Manager file for each of the System Appendices from WBS Mil Handbook
881C.  Its purpose is to speed the creation and reduce the risk of missing scope of an accurate WBS for
the system being created.  It is to be used as an effective checklist. This scheduling process is called Linear
Scheduling and is used in many industries. The process will allow Earned Value (EV) to be taken on every unit
of every product during production. It affords the user the opportunity to conduct Production Earned Value
without the use of Line of Balance techniques. The following are the instructions on the use of the Mind
Manager file:
1.  Select the appropriate system type file. e,g, Missile System (C)
2.  Make a copy of the file
3.  Modify the file to match the new system.
1.  Note:  Using the Structnet Structured Scheduling Framework requires that all tasks for the
system or any product or assembly within that system needs to stand alone and include all of
the common elements including training, manuals, data collection IPTL supervision, systems
engineering etc. that will be needed for that product or assembly.  The reason is that no
matter where this product is placed within the PBS, it will contain all of the needed overheads
to complete the product. 
2.  If a single data repository is established at the system level for Configuration Management
(CM) or Data Management (DM), (CM/DM), then the cost of establishing and maintaining the
(CM/DM) system would exist at the System level of the program.  The cost for establishing
and maintaining the specific product data that is managed within the (CM/DM) system is to be
conducted within the product in question. 
3.  The cost and schedule of the Integrated Product Team Lead (IPTL) that supervises
the product design and construction is to be included in the cost of that product or assembly.
4.  The Product Breakdown Structure for the System is to included under WBS (1.1 Air Vehicle),
e.g. 1.1.1 Airframe, 1.1.2 Propulsion Subsystem etc. All of the products listed under 1.1.1 Air
Vehicle will be a part of the PBS/WBS submitted to Structnet.
5.  All deliverable units for that product or system are included within that WBS. 
1.  e.g. If there are (20) 1.1 Air Vehicles to be delivered, and there is one Attitude

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