Improveing project management sucess with the process of "Structured Scheduling".

Plan the Product and Schedule the Process

The mantra is Plan the Product and Schedule the Process.  Planning the product means building a Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) the way the program will be assembled, Intagrated & tested. The way the drawing tree will be listed.  Schedule the Process means to use a per-defined set of processes at the Summary Level Planning Package (SLPP) level that is consistent for every product in the system. 

Structnet's "Structured Scheduling" begins with planning the product.

We start with a Product-Oriented Product Breakdown System (PBS) for the system to be scheduled. It is developed as an organizational chart. We recommend enhancing the plan with images of the products involved. This makes it so easy for all stake holders involved to relate with systems, products & sub assemblies in the plan. Furthermore we recommend that the plan be developed just as the products will be assembled, integrated & tested. This will lead to a Master schedule that will be easy to function and follow by all stake holders.

Systems Engineering and the Graphically Enhanced Product Breakdown Structure
Describing a system using the Product Breakdown Structure is common in the world of Systems Engineering. Complex systems can be solved by breaking them down into smaller problems and organizing them in a way that allows you to see the larger picture as well as the detail necessary to solve the problem. Breaking the system down into Product and Process can be the first steps in finding a solution.


We use an example of a bicycle to demonstrate our plan.

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We apply the Work Breakdown System #'s (WBS) to the plan upon completion. This makes for a wonderful communication tool to everyone getting introduced to and working on the project.

Structnet has created a Mind Manager file for each of the System Appendices from WBS Mil Handbook 881C. Its purpose is to speed the creation and reduce the risk of missing scope of an accurate WBS for the system being created. It is to be used as an effective checklist. This scheduling process is called Linear Scheduling and is used in many industries. The process will allow Earned Value (EV) to be taken on every unit of every product during production. It affords the user the opportunity to conduct Production Earned Value without the use of Line of Balance techniques.


Department of Defense Standard Practice

Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items

  1. Aircraft System (A)
  2. Electronic System (B)
  3. Missile System (C)
  4. Ordnance System (D)
  5. Sea System (E)
  6. Space System (F)
  7. Surface Vehicle System (G)
  8. UAV System (H)
  9. Unmanned Maritime System (i)
  10. Launch Vehicle System (j)
  11. Automated Information System (AIS) (K)
  12. Common Elements

Structnet's "Structured Scheduling" is compliant with DOD practices. We are proud Project Management Institute (PMI) members. We strive to improve the scheduling process using PMI's best practices.

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